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Take URGENT action to stop the brutal slaughter of dogs for their meat!

YOU can be the catalyst for change in Vietnam!

Sign ACPA’s petition now calling on the Vietnamese government to enact animal protection laws and ban the horrific dog meat trade.

The terrified victims, often family pets, are taken from the streets and crushed into cages so small they can barely breathe. They have no food or water, and many die before they reach their final destination.

Take URGENT action to stop the brutal slaughter of dogs for their meat!


Only with your help will this end. Please start by signing this important petition, and sending it to as many people as possible.


Living in Vietnam? Please visit our Vietnamese petition page at www.baovecho.org

Signatures: 53 912

The surviving dogs are taken to primitive slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants. Many have their stomachs pumped full of rice to increase their weight and thereby the profits of the ruthless traders.

The dogs are then beaten with heavy metal bars. Their throats are slit and blood is collected in buckets to be used for making sauce. Then, sometimes still alive, they are thrown into a vat of boiling water to prepare them for dehairing.


YOU can stop this. Add your name to the petition now!

DID YOU KNOW THAT this brutal trade is often organised by criminal gangs and deceitful traders who steal dogs from the streets of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, and sell them for huge profits?

DID YOU KNOW THAT many of the dogs traded and slaughtered for human consumption carry rabies and other diseases that can be passed on to humans, either through handling, slaughtering or consuming infected animals?

Few of the dogs that end up victims of the trade have been vaccinated. Neither are any of the dogs tested for disease before they enter the food chain, posing a significant risk to human health. There’s so much more to this story and so much you can do to help.

ACPA is an international Alliance of animal protection groups representing tens of thousands of people just like you who care deeply about man's best friend. By signing this petition now and joining with us, you WILL be the catalyst for change in Vietnam.

Together, we CAN close down this cruel and brutal trade.

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ACPA’s focus is to end the trade in- and demand for- dogs from Thailand, Laos and Cambodia into Vietnam to supply the demand for dog meat and associated products.

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